Marketing & security

Modern solutions in the spheres of cybersecurity and marketing

Our company develops modern solutions in the sphere of cybersecurity and traffic management. Our staff has more than 60 middle + and senior IT specialists. We work strictly within the framework of UAE law and offer effective, easily scalable business solutions with guaranteed result, further support and adjustment when it is necessary.

High development standards

We have 5 years of experience behind. To this day, we have helped secure more than 50 services by implementing our technologies and systems of protection against spam and bots into their architecture.

Objectives which
we specialize in

01. Testing chatbots

Our specialists will conduct all the necessary tests and show the weaknesses of your service, and offer options for solving the problems as well

02. Protection from spam and bots

We will help you prevent DDoS attacks and find out the weaknesses of your partner's service so that you can avoid financial and reputational risks.

03. Ready marketing solutions

We work as a mediator between operators and services for marketing specialists such as SMS-Activate, whose main task is to help small and medium-sized businesses in promotion and implementation of a marketing strategy.

Our recent case

There was a request from an owner of two Telegram bots (audience is 130,000 and 68,000 users). Rivals have launched a campaign for a DDoS attack using constant automated requests from a net of fake accounts. Due to that fact, regular failures in the bot's work occured. It has affected the profit and loyalty of users.

Our team has developed an automated CAPTCHA test and integrated it into the Telegram bot architecture. Since the release, this measure has reduced DDoS attacks by 96% and, thanks to the simple passage, it has not caused any irritation among users.

Also, we actively interact with European mobile operators and help monetize their services while developing the marketing direction of our customers. 

Why you can trust us:

  • 5 years in the IT services and technology market;
  • Permanent staff of loyal and reliable specialists;
  • Own software and other technical solutions development;
  • Personalized and flexible approach to a client’s project;
  • Effective practice of applying solutions from our specialists

Контактная информация

+8 777 555 66 99

Москва, Бульвар Ленина 33

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